Premium packaging for poultry from Dutch Food Experts
High quality solid board packaging

Premium packaging for poultry from Dutch Food Experts

As its name suggest: Dutch Food Experts specializes in food products from the Netherlands, in particular poultry. The company, founded in 2013, brings together years of experience in the sector and plays a managing role in, among others, the marketing of poultry, red meat and fish, as well as a prominent role in their overall logistics. One of the strong points is the security of supply and the way in which the products are presented.

"There are two groups of producers in the Netherlands," states Director and Founder of Dutch Food Experts Henri Geuzinge. “There are companies that focus purely on retail and they have designed their commercial apparatus accordingly. Then there is a large group of privately owned family businesses. It is the latter group that Dutch Food Experts collaborates with in particular. We offer them the expansion of scale required in the current sector and relieve them of the burden of marketing and sales."

Global logistics

Dutch Food Experts is active worldwide and can therefore offer an excellent spread in distribution. Moreover, the company is capable of making transformations in alignment with the cultures of sales markets. "What we offer our customers is security of supply, and we take responsibility for the entire logistics process, door-to-door. To achieve this, we collaborate with selected slaughterhouses and dedicated transporters. The latter is a cost and delivery aspect. We must be able to guarantee that finished products loaded last night will for instance be delivered in Paris before 11 AM in the morning. This is exactly why we keep a close eye on transport, as it is part of our management role."

Packaging as a business card

Packaging plays an important role in the entire logistics chain. "My view on this: food will be eaten, and so packaging must be attractive. We have developed our packaging in collaboration with Smart Packaging Solutions. They are not the only manufacturers who are capable of doing this, but they distinguish themselves in their field through their technical knowledge of our products, the supply chain and logistics. They also have a graphic design department that we collaborate very well with. They understand what we want. Finally, it is also the nature of the company that suits us. In the sector in which we operate, quite a few issues are still discussed around the proverbial kitchen table. No matter how big Smart Packaging Solutions is, the company has managed to retain its familial character and this is visible in the way they conduct business."


Contribution to packaging

Although standard sizes are used in the sector and dimensions are adapted to the logistical process in slaughterhouses - or in the fish processing industry - it is very important to contribute to the way packagings are made within the slaughterhouse process. "The production line is constantly moving. You should cope with this through ergonomics. And although it is a fairly basic process, it is a place on the line that can make all the difference."

Growth of the poultry sector

The poultry sector is still growing every year and will continue to do so for the time being, states Henri Geuzinge. "We work in a winning industry. It is meat that is consumed by the entire global population and all religions. The increase in the world's population means that especially our sector will also grow. In principle, chicken has a low carbon footprint and it is a relatively cheap source of protein. As a sector, we must therefore continue to invest in production lines for, among other things, portioning and delivering added value. In addition, new distribution channels will emerge. Together with the existing channels, we will have to continue to ensure delivery reliability and coordinated logistics. We can make these steps together with the companies and partners such as Smart Packaging Solutions we collaborate with."

Solid cardboard packaging

Poultry, red meat and fish are packaged chilled or frozen in a humid environment. The compact and sturdy packaging retains its full strength at all times (and reduces freezing times). Solid board is also the material of choice for packaging that is shipped worldwide. It is the ideal protection for products that have to be transported over long distances, in the most varied climatic conditions. The flat cardboard surface also allows for high-grade printing. This means that we can provide each package with a striking graphic design. Premium branding guaranteed! 

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