Fish and shrimp
High quality solid board packaging

Sustainable packaging for fish and shrimp

As a packaging supplier for fish and shrimp, we help you with a user-friendly alternative for fish crates and plastic crates. Our solid cardboard transit packaging for fish and shrimp is space-saving and resistant to most cold and humid conditions. Ideal for storing and distributing fresh or deep-frozen fish and shrimp.



fish and shrimp

  • Strong and compact Strong and compact
  • Quick to freeze, no insulator Quick to freeze, no insulator
  • 100% recyclable 100% recyclable
  • Stability in humid conditions Stability in humid conditions
  • Food safe Food safe
  • High quality printing High quality printing

Curious about the possibilities our fish and shrimp packaging has to offer? We would be glad to hear from you!

Paul Lake
Paul Lake

Fish packaging from solid cardboard guarantees efficient processing

In the supply chain for fresh or deep-frozen fish and shrimp it is all about preserving quality. Transport packaging plays a vital role here. Our solid cardboard packaging is produced for applications in the cold chain and conditioned transport. Through providing the packaging with a food safe and humidity resistant PE-coating they retain their rigidity, even if your fish or shrimp are packed in ice. This is how we can guarantee that your fresh or deep-frozen products arrive at their destination in tip-top condition, no matter how long they were in transit.


Solid cardboard packaging improves efficiency through facilitating rapid freezing times for fish

Compared to fish crates and plastic crates, our fish packaging can really improve your logistics. Above all, your fish will freeze 35% faster, thanks to the compact nature of the material, contributing to more rapid, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly processing and longer storage life for your deep-frozen products.

Whatever fish or shrimp products you trade, we know which transit packaging is required to get your products safely to your customers. From solid 20 kg packaging to small 5 kg packaging for easily damaged shrimps. Together we look at which of our sustainable packaging offers you the most benefits.


Advantages for fishing industry

Experience the strength of solid cardboard for packing fish and shrimp

Solid cardboard is strong, compact and flexible. It is made from recycled paper and board that is glued together layer upon layer.  Thanks to very efficient folding methods, many complex constructions are possible for packaging materials for fish and shrimps. Through advanced manufacturing methods our solid cardboard is limited in thickness. This keeps the logistics cost effective with rapid processing, storage and distribution.

Fish packaging just-in-time delivery

As part of the VPK Group, we have a large warehousing network. For fish you need to have your packaging just-in-time. You can opt to order your packaging on demand, improving your supply continuity by leaps and bounds. Wherever in the world you are, you will receive your packaging on time. The benefits for you are:

  • Less storage
  • Less stock risk
  • Better supply continuity

Solid cardboard for fish packaging provides extra load space

Our transport packaging is die-cut and supplied flat, resulting in 5 to 10 times the volume of packaging fitting on a pallet. This efficient palletising saves you transport costs and storage space. Thanks to the rigidity of solid cardboard, the fish packaging can be stacked higher, increasing your load volume. 

Sustainable transit packaging for fish and shrimp

We are sparing in our use of energy and raw materials, and in doing so we developed The Perfect Body. The ultimate alternative for plastic. Our packaging is 100% circular. The sustainable packaging is manufactured from recycled fibres from known and safe origins. The raw materials we purchase are FSC certified and so originate from expertly managed forests. In addition, we do everything within our power to manufacture our packaging materials as environmentally friendly as possible with minimum CO2 omissions.

The Future is SMART

Curious about the possibilities our fish and shrimp packaging has to offer?

Paul Lake
Paul Lake