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High quality solid board packaging

Packaging for fruit and vegetables

As a grower or producer in the potato, fruit and vegetable sector, you know the importance of strong fruit and vegetable packaging better than anyone else. Smart Packaging Solutions has more than 30 years of knowledge and experience to give these delicate products the protection they deserve. With our solid board packaging, your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


Efficient processing for growers and breeders

The packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables is a process that needs to be fast and streamlined. We know your needs in terms of flexibility and we deliver tailor-made solutions for efficient processing of your fresh produce. From flat packaging to ready-to-use top boxes and trays. 

Our packaging solutions are used in both automatic and manual production processes. Manual processing, external setup service or automation may be the best solution for you, depending on your operating capacity. With a large network of set-up stations and machine suppliers, we can advise you on how to efficiently set up your packaging process at a transparent cost structure. 

Smart in greenhouses also means sustainable choice and smart stock management. We deliver at the exact time you need packaging and we keep it in stock.


Properties for meat and poultry packaging

  • Strong and compact Strong and compact
  • Quick to freeze, no insulator Quick to freeze, no insulator
  • 100% recyclable 100% recyclable
  • Stability in humid conditions Stability in humid conditions
  • Food safe Food safe
  • High quality printing High quality printing

Benefits for the fruit and vegetable sector


Experience the power of solid cardboard

Solid board is sturdy, compact and flexible. The material is made from recycled paper and cardboard that is glued together in several layers. Many complex packaging constructions are possible because of the highly efficient folding techniques used. As a result of advanced production techniques, our solid board is limited in thickness. This ensures a cost-efficient logistics process with smooth processing, storage and distribution.


Higher loading volume thanks to solid cardboard

Our packaging is die-cut and supplied flat, which allows 5 to 10 times more packaging to fit on a pallet. This efficient palletization saves you transport costs and storage space. The strength of solid board means that the packaging can be stacked higher, allowing you to benefit from a higher loading volume.


Packaging delivered just-in-time

We have a large warehousing network as part of the VPK Group. You can choose to order your packaging on demand, which greatly increases delivery reliability. Wherever you are in the world, your packaging will be delivered on time. Benefits for you include:

  • Less storage space
  • Reduced stock risk
  • Increased security of supply

Sustainable packaging for fruit and vegetables

We make sparing use of energy and raw materials, which resulted in the development of, The Perfect Body. which is a great alternative to plastic. Our packaging is 100% circular. They are produced from recycled fibers or fibers of known and safe origin. The raw materials we purchase are FSC certified and therefore come from expertly managed forests. Moreover, we do everything in our power to produce our packaging in an environmentally friendly manner with minimal CO2 emissions.

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