High quality solid board packaging

Solid board packaging

The quality of our packaging is closely linked to that of the solid board material used. Including the entire VPK Group, we produce more than 1 million tons of paper per year. We are at the forefront of new technological developments and quality requirements with respect to paper and board. Our paper technicians are continuously improving the production process and fibre structure of solid board. This results in packaging with stronger, high-quality fibres and a better raw material balance, which is produced more sustainably with less water.

  • Strong and compact
  • Quick freeze-down time
  • 100% recyclable
  • Retains rigidity and stacking strength in humid conditions
  • Food safe
  • Flat surface with high quality print options
Bottom-lid packaging and trays


Highly profitable packaging throughout the entire logistics chain. The packaging is easy to unfold and extremely suitable for humid and refrigerated environments.
4-point with reinforced corners

4-point with reinforced corners

An extra strong corner construction is created with less material through clever folding constructions, which makes it possible to stack higher and with more stability on a pallet.
4-point with double walls

4-point with double walls

The long or short side of the packaging has a double layer of solid board, which guarantees extra stability. This provides optimal protection during long and unstable transportation.


The bottom and lid are combined into one complete case, which saves you transport and storage costs. This construction is also ideally suited for prominent shelf presentation in retail.


The leakproof bottom with a food-safe PE coating ensures that the packaging remains strong and leakproof even in the most humid conditions - at up to 95% humidity.


The trays are delivered flat to safe space and are easily hand-erected.

Solid board provides many possibilities

Our solid board packaging can be designed to meet the specific requirements of your products or sector. A customer-specific solution is available for every situation due to the many possibilities in terms of weight, printing and finishing.

3 – 33 kg
Due to the strength of solid board, our packaging can easily carry the weight of your products.
The dimensions of our standard packaging solutions are based on the most efficient pallet load and logistic optimization. We have the most suitable dimensions available for every fresh and frozen product. Any size can be provided, depending on your specific requirements. Take a look at some examples here.
Printing technique
Flexo and offset
In our state-of-the-art print shop, we can provide your packaging with any desired look and feel of high graphic quality. From a simple logo in flexo printing to photo-realistic offset printing.
Gram weight
550 – 1.350 grams
Depending on the desired strength, we can produce bottom lid and tray packaging made of solid board with a weight varying between 550 and 1.350 g/m.2.
Your packaging is fully customizable with numerous additional options, such as moisture-resistant PE coatings, leakproof bottoms, windows, unique hole patterns for optimal moisture regulation and resealable lids. Ask our specialists about the options available.

Quality guarantee

We have a Quality & Development department where our paper technicians are continuously working on optimizing the quality of our packaging. We also strive for the highest possible quality in our service and the delivery of our packaging. This focus on quality is reflected in various quality marks and certificates.

Smart folding method, easy handling

Our bottom lid packaging is supplied folded flat. A clever folding construction means they are very handy and can quickly be unfolded into a solid bottom or lid with a few simple actions.

Bottoms and lids are delivered folded on pallets
Bottoms and lids are delivered folded on pallets
The bottom/lid is opened with one simple action
The bottom/lid is opened with one simple action
Ready to use in seconds
Ready to use in seconds

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