Packaging for fresh produce and deep-frozen products

4-point packaging

Solid cardboard is very strong and suitable for packaging any fresh or deep-frozen product. At Smart Packaging Solutions, you can choose from a wide range of 4-point packaging: from standard to custom-made. For extra rigidity, the 4-point packaging can be supplied with reinforced corners and/or walls. Depending on your specific wishes and requirements, we will customise packaging to suit your product.

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  • High-quality printing
    High-quality printing
  • Available in various sizes
    Available in various sizes
  • Made from recycled paper and cardboard
    Made from recycled paper and cardboard
  • 100% recyclable
    100% recyclable

Are you curious about what the 4-point packaging could do for your products? We would be pleased to help you!

Paul Lake
Paul Lake

Looking for a rigid cardboard box with a lid?

Several versions of the 4-point packaging are available. 
Whatever option you choose, you can be sure of rigid cardboard boxes with lids.
Standard Reinforced cornersDouble wallsDouble walls and reinforced corners Air gaps
The standard 4-point packaging is very suitable for humid and refrigerated environments.This packaging has extra rigid corners and offers higher load bearing at the corners. Thanks to this, the packaging can be stacked higher and affords greater stability.This packaging has the longer and/or shorter sides made from a double layer of solid cardboard. This ensures that the packaging is extra rigid and offers the product that it contains optimum protection.  This extra strong packaging offers the best protection for the product it contains.Packaging with air gaps ensures optimum moisture regulation and prevents condensation.

Luxury cardboard boxes with lids

A 4-point packaging suitable for packaging products up to 25 kilos. A 4-point packaging is available in various lengths, widths and heights. 30x20 cm, 40x30 cm, 60x40 cm or other sizes, they are all possible. Depending on the product that is to be packed, our specialists advise on custom-made packaging (not losing sight of efficient pallet loading). From standard to custom-made, printed luxury cardboard boxes with lid as eye-catching retail packaging.

The rigidity of solid cardboard

Packaging made from solid cardboard is strong and retains its rigidity under all conditions. This packaging offers easily damaged products optimum protection during storage and transit. Do you pack wet or moist products? The packaging can be provided with a moisture-resistant PE coating. This guarantees that the packaging remains rigid even in humid conditions.

Easy handling

Base-lid packaging is supplied as folded blanks. Thanks to a smart folded construction, they are easy to handle and very simple and quick to fold open into a rigid base or lid. Solid cardboard is strong and limited in thickness. This ensures cost-effective logistics and rapid processing, storage and distribution.


"We can be confident that the boxes reach their final destination completely intact.”

Van Onselen Aubergines has to ensure that its packaging complies with the quality requirements of a number of customers. Like Lidl Finland, which established its own barbecue range, so the aubergine packaging had to match the design and appearance of the other products. Arjan: “Smart Packaging Solutions proved more than capable when it came to manufacturing this deviating packaging for us. They demonstrated how solution-oriented they really are. The great service, in combination with the high-quality packaging, has left us more than satisfied with the collaboration.”

Facts about the 4-point packaging

Looking for rigid, unique and eye-catching retail packaging? Or functional packaging? The 4-point packaging can be completely customised to cater to the specific requirements of your products or industry. Due to the many possibilities in weight, dimensions and finish, there is a perfect solution for every packaging requirement.

Up to 25 kg
Thanks to the rigidity of solid cardboard, our packaging can effortlessly handle the weight of your products.
Packaging adapts to the product
The dimensions of 4-point packaging are customised to match the product that the packaging contains. Based on your wishes and requirements, we design the best possible option.
Printing method
Flexo and offset
The 4-point packaging can be printed in any desired colour combination for an eye-catching appearance. From a simple logo in flexo to photorealistic offset. Ideal for creating eye-catching retail packaging.
Grammes weight
450 up to 1.350 grammes
Depending on the desired rigidity, we manufacture packaging in various weights of solid cardboard varying from 450 up to 1,350 g/m2.
Custom made packaging for your product
Depending on the desired rigidity, we manufacture packaging in various weights of solid cardboard varying from 450 up to 1,350 g/m2.

The Future is SMART

Are you curious about what the 4-point packaging could do for your products?

Paul Lake
Paul Lake