Five benefits of our sustainable punnets for fruit and vegetables

Strong, easy to handle and a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Smart Packaging Solutions introduces new punnets for fruit and vegetables. Get to know this solid cardboard consumer packaging based on five key characteristics.

1. The sustainable alternative to plastic

Plastic packaging is being banned more and more. In France for example, plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables will be gradually banned in the coming years. In view of the EU directives, it is expected that other European countries will follow France's example in due course. In addition, the market demand for sustainable packaging is also increasing. 

Smart Packaging Solutions has developed sustainable punnets as an answer to this new demand. Our new punnets for fruit and vegetables are the solution to the growing demand for sustainable consumer packaging. By using light weight solid cardboard, a robust, sturdy packaging is guaranteed. This makes it an ideal solution for packaging berries, plums, pears, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and other fruit and vegetables. The punnets are suitable for products with a weight between 0.5kg and approximately 3 kilos.

Duurzame punnets

2. Optimal protection

Fruit and vegetables travel a long way on the road from horticulturist to consumer. Due to the use of light weight solid cardboard and the construction of the packaging, fruit and vegetables are maximally protected in all phases of the supply chain. As a result, they arrive undamaged at the consumer and no products are lost during the way. The punnets of Smart Packaging Solutions therefore help to reduce the amount of food waste.

The packaging is resealable, so that the consumer can also store the product in the packaging at home. Finally, the punnets are moisture resistant and retain their strength. This makes the punnets very suitable for storage under humid conditions, such as in refrigerators for products which naturally care a lot of moisture.

3. Easy handling

The fruit and vegetable packaging consists of one piece only and is characterized by easy handling. This contributes to an efficient packaging process. The design makes it possible to easily fold the packaging into the desired shape by machine. The packaging can be delivered flat, which makes that they can then be integrated fully automatically into the packaging process. We also have the option to deliver them ready-made, without the need for the customer to use a machine to erect them into ready-made packagings. The packaging is simple and easy to nest.

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4. Fully recyclable

The fruit and vegetable packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard. After use, the consumer can deposit it in the waste paper bin so that the solid cardboard is recycled again. The recycled fibers are also the main raw material of our solid cardboard packaging, which can then be recycled into renewable raw materials. A 100% circular solution is therefore guaranteed.

5. Standard or customised: the choice is yours

A consumer would like to be able to see the product in the store and what is inside the packaging, that is why the punnets can be provided with multiple openings, possibly punched in the shape of the product, and logos. The packaging can also be printed in any desired colour combination for an attractive appearance.

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