Unique, resealable lid for fruit and vegetable packaging
High quality solid board packaging

Unique, resealable lid for fruit and vegetable packaging

Smart Packaging Solutions, commissioned by and in cooperation with packaging company Quality Pack, has developed a customer-specific packaging for Pfresh, a wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables that exports its products to countries all over the world. The new packaging allows these products to be transported under optimal conditions throughout the supply chain. The packaging also features a unique novelty: a resealable zip/perforated structure with which the lid can be opened and closed.

Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic

With the new packaging from Pfresh a sustainable alternative has been found for tempex and polystyrene packaging used previously. Jan van der Meij, owner of Pfresh: "Plastic packaging is becoming increasingly less accepted; the market expects us to provide sustainable packaging. That is something that we consider important ourselves. We therefore assume our responsibility by minimizing the use of plastic and using pulp, paper and cardboard in our packaging as much as possible." This new packaging is a good example. Hans Kools, process technologist at Smart Packaging Solutions: "The lid that we developed consists of solid cardboard, which is a material that we produce entirely from recycled paper. This lid, combined with the corrugated cardboard base, makes the packaging particularly environmentally friendly."

Solid, moisture-resistant, resealable packaging

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the lid is also very functional. Jan: "Our fruit and vegetables are at a temperature of three degrees Celsius when they leave our cold store. This cold evaporates in an open box in which many vegetables and fruit are packed. This lid allows us to trap the cold as much as possible, which is important because we often export to warmer countries. Moreover, the contents remain better protected during transport. The more so because the material used to make the lid is compressed, making it very strong and moisture-proof."

As the lid is taped to the bottom, another way had to be found to easily open and close the lid. Hans: "We provided the lid with a unique zip/perforated construction. This combination of a zipper line (half-cut line) and perforations makes it easy to open and close the package, without having to cut it open. This also makes the packaging ideal for supermarkets, as it allows them to offer their vegetables for sale in attractive packaging during the day, which they can close again after closing time to keep the contents in a good condition. This construction hasn’t been applied anywhere else yet and is thus the first, inexpensive alternative to the fairly expensive contra zipper." Jan is also very enthusiastic about the novelty: "In our line of business it is important to be able to unpack products quickly and transfer them to their destination. This solution makes it a lot easier."

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