Our 2020 Retrospective

Our 2020 Retrospective

The new year is nearly here and that invites us to a 2020 retrospective. An exceptional year that first halts our thoughts at the consequences of COVID-19. A worldwide pandemic that affects everyone. Both privately and in business. An action relevant to this year was the #FlowerBoostChallenge we participated in. In support of the ornamental horticulture and resulting in hundreds of bouquets for healthcare workers in Belgium and the Netherlands to thank them for their great effort.

If there is one thing this year has thought us, it is that people in general and our partners and colleagues specifically are incredibly agile and resilient. We have not come to a standstill; despite the challenges we face. We have partnered on wonderful collaborations and we have made greats strides to make our production process and services even more sustainable. Like the renovation of our Inline Solid board laminator in Loenen. Which yields a recovery percentage of fibers, reduces waste production and, eventually, lowers our carbon footprint.

Or our new development machine, the Arkana, that we installed at our production site in Meer. With this plate setter, we are able to use more ecological printing plates for the printing on our packaging. The result: fewer chemical substances, longer lifespan, less waste and a 95% reduction of water use.

The colleagues we have seen flourishing by offering a continuous range of educational and developmental possibilities.

And last but not least: the complete makeover of our website, the shop window of our products and services.

It is difficult to put into words how proud we are of our colleagues and partners. Scrolling through this timeline shows us vigor, energy and vision. Together, we stand strong.

We wish to thank everyone. For your trust and commitment. We are looking forward to a new year, in which undoubtedly, despite what awaits us, we are going to realize many beautiful things. We wish you happy holidays in good health and a happy, healthy and successful 2021. #staysafe #staysmart

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