Location Loenen celebrates 100 years!

Location Loenen celebrates 100 years!

On April 1st, 2021, the location in Loenen will exist 100 years. A great milestone, which we of course celebrate! We are proud of where we are now after one century: a stable company that is prepared for the future.

A lot has changed in the past century, of course, but in essence we still make the same product: strong, sustainably produced packaging with a protective function.

A dynamic company

We are proud of our employees who have been making and growing the company in Loenen for years. Many generations have worked here and contributed to the development of the region. Since 2017, the location in Loenen has been taken over by Smart Packaging Solutions, part of the VPK Group. This has brought us to a future-oriented company. A healthy plant that invests in people and machines, has a good market position and modernises and adapts to market and environmental conditions.

A special jubilee book

Due to the current corona measures, we will not be able to celebrate this great milestone extensively. However, this important moment will of course be given special attention. The history has been bundled in a special jubilee book, which has been created under the supervision of Frans Beekman, employee of Smart Packaging Solutions. The richly illustrated book is about the history of the location, the origin and development of the factory and its strong connection with the community in Loenen which are discussed in detail.

The celebration is a little smaller this year, but next year we want to make it big. On 2 April 2022, the 100th anniversary celebration is on the schedule again, but with an extensive day and evening programme.

Innovation and sustainability

The anniversary is also a good moment to look forward. In the coming years, we will optimise our processes even further and invest in innovation and sustainability. In the short term, we will be signing the contract for the construction of a new sheet warehouse in Loenen. The project will be carried out by local entrepreneurs, because we are very committed to investing in the community, for a sustainable future of the region. To the next 100 years!

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