Let your product shine even brighter

Let your product shine even brighter

Showcase your fresh products on our food safe glossy food board and bring the presentation of your product to the next level. The glossy food boards are available with different properties and in a range of colors.

The material is PET laminated on one or two sides, making it moisture and oil resistant. Perfect for a broad range of fresh products like fish, different types of fillets, cheeses, delicacies, pizzas and confections like cakes and macarons.


  • Food safe
  • Luxurious presentation
  • Solid, flat surface
  • Customizable
  • Widely applicable

The glossy food board is fully customizable which makes it the perfect fit for your product. We have different grammages readily available and offer a range of colors: gold, silver, slate, porcelain (white), green, orange and fuchsia pink. We produce the glossy food board in a BRC-certified environment which guarantees food safety and quality.

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