Kultive relies on an efficient partnership

Kultive relies on an efficient partnership

The French company Kultive (SOPA and CASAY) organizes the transport of local products as a link between vegetable producers and distributors, and puts them on the national market. When it comes to cucumbers, they occupy the top spot in France. Solid cardboard packaging from Smart Packaging Solutions is used by Kultive to package these vegetables.

Kultive is a commercial firm owned by 3 cooperatives active in the production of fruit and vegetables. Commercial Director Alexandre Picault explains how it works: "Kultive markets the products of more than 50 producer-shareholders. Carrots, beets and in particular cucumbers are premium products. We market 80,000 tonnes of vegetables annually, including 25,000 tons of cucumbers. The company acts as a link between producers on the one hand and wholesale distributors on the other. We also arrange transportation." And whenever transport is discussed, it really is all about logistics. Packaging is one of the most important links in the logistics chain.

"A valuable advisory role"

Kultive opted for strong and compact packaging developed by Smart Packaging Solutions for the packaging of its premium product. A very cost-effective packaging that can be folded open easily, and which is extremely suitable for humid and cool environments. It is also known as boîte cloche. A. Picault: "We use this product for several reasons. First and foremost because of its sturdiness. The cardboard does not wear out as quickly, does not crumble, and is resistant to moisture. After all, a cucumber is 90% water... The strength of solid cardboard is increased when the box is actually filled with cucumbers. This sturdiness also benefits stacking of packagings and makes it possible to assemble straight and stable pallets. As a result, there’s the additional advantage that this configuration facilitates identification on cardboard and inscription of labels."

Cucumbers are divided into four sizes, which affects the packaging: "The boxes always contain 12 cucumbers, but because they have different sizes, we have four different models with custom sizes, but with identical characteristics," clarifies A. Picault.

Smart Packaging Solutions has been a partner of Kultive for around ten years. A. Picault: “The company now is our official and exclusive supplier for cucumber packaging. Their representatives visit several times a year, we take an inventory of packaging stock and they replenish it when needed. Smart Packaging Solutions also plays a valuable advisory role. For example, one of our customers wanted an opening at the top of the packaging to be able to see the product, but this would weaken the packaging. Smart Packaging Solutions studied the problem and determined the acceptable opening size in order not to compromise the packaging’s effectiveness."

That is the textbook definition of efficient partnership.

Brief overview of Kultive

  • Commercial structure for more than 50 producer-shareholders
  • Employees: 15 persons (800 direct jobs based on production, packaging and marketing of vegetables)
  • 80,000 tons of vegetables are marketed annually, including 25,000 tons of cucumbers
  • Packaging: solid cardboard boxes from Smart Packaging Solutions
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