Hygiene and safety of food packaging
High quality solid board packaging

Hygiene and safety of food packaging

There are very strict laws and regulations in place governing hygiene and food safety that set high standards for the packaging of foodstuff. It is therefore essential within the food industry to choose packaging that meets these requirements.

Which material would provide optimal protection for foodstuff such as meat, fish and fruit, while also ensuring that these products can be safely transported from A to B? In this article, we explain why solid cardboard is the best option.

Food transport packaging requirements

In order to guarantee shelf life, your food must be transported and stored under the right conditions. Often refrigerated or deep-frozen. This requires packaging that is resistant to damp spaces such as cooling and freezer cells. Solid board has a high moisture resistance. In case of penetrating moisture, the material will retain its texture and strength as the fibers are tightly pressed. This makes it an ideal packaging material for refrigerated and frozen food. The limited thickness of the material also reduces the freezing time required for food, which also saves energy.

Greater food safety

Reuse of packaging, such as plastic crates comes at a risk: it is possible that harmful substances from food, e.g. bacteria, could end up on the packaging. These harmful substances are then allowed to spread when the packaging - to which they have attached themselves - is returned and reused, even if the packaging is thoroughly cleaned. Our solid cardboard packaging has the advantage that they are single use. They are not returned, but destroyed on location, which also halts harmful substances from spreading. This results in greater risk reduction.


Legislation on food packaging

Food products must not endanger the health and safety of consumers. At Smart Packaging Solutions, we produce solid cardboard packaging that complies with all applicable regulations regarding food safety. We continue testing our packaging materials through quality controls throughout the entire production process. This way, we can guarantee that our packaging provides optimal protection for your food, while also guaranteeing its shelf life.

Convinced of the advantages of solid board as packaging material for your foodstuff? Then contact us. We would be happy to help you find a tailor-made packaging solution that meets all of the applicable requirements within your sector.

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