Environmental Monitor 2020: a sustainable year in figures

Environmental Monitor 2020: a sustainable year in figures

Sustainability and care for people and the environment are important pillars for us. Our goal is to contribute to a cleaner, future-proof world by reducing the impact of our production process on the environment. Every year, we visualise the efforts of our factory in Loenen in the Environmental Monitor.

Energy and water consumption, safety in the workplace

In the Environmental Monitor 2020, you will find information about the amount of solid board we have produced and our consumption of energy and water. The health and safety of our employees and local residents is also a high priority for us.

View the Environmental Monitor 2020 here.

If you have any questions about its contents, please contact our Junior Environmental Coordinator, Eline Verheijden at eline.verheijden@smartpaso.com. Or view the Environmental Monitor 2019.

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