"Quality from product to packaging"
High quality solid board packaging

"Quality from product to packaging"

Crownpol is a chicken portioning and processing company. The company has been based in Namysłow since 2014 and has customers all over Europe. Crownpol has been successful by constantly pursuing the highest possible quality. "We always imagine what it is like to stand in the shoes of our customers, to experience what they are experiencing, and then we adapt our process to serve their wishes."

Marcin Mozerys, co-owner of Crownpol and commercial manager: "We specialize in poultry products, portioned and also marinated. Our products are primarily sold to the catering industry within the EU, with Great Britain and Ireland as our major customers. Each month we supply approximately 1,000 tons of quality products. We can guarantee quality by working with selected slaughterhouses and because of excellent traceability and reliable delivery."

Solid cardboard as an important marketing tool

As previously stated, product quality is one of Crownpol's most important core values. The company strives to achieve this in all facets, from production to logistics and customer satisfaction. “This aspect is present throughout our entire business chain. We are not the biggest, and we don’t aim to be. We believe that quality takes precedence over quantity. To this end, you must gather the right partners around you, from farmers to packaging vendors, and from spice suppliers to transporters. Our products are packaged in solid cardboard packaging from Smart Packaging Solutions. First of all, we have about 15 brands. For example, we serve the Asian cuisine in our export countries delivering marinated products. We have several prints in line with our brands. Smart Packaging Solutions turns packaging into a marketing tool. The appearance and properties of solid cardboard are closely interwoven with the quality requirements of our products. The packaging has a high moisture resistance and is so sturdy that we can stack higher, which allows us to increase the volume per transport. On top of that, Smart Packaging Solutions has a high delivery reliability, especially since it has its own warehouse in Poland, where stock is kept."

Cost-efficient processing and food safety

Packaging has been given a central role in Crownpol's production process. Boxes are automatically unfolded, increasing speed while also preventing damage. Finally, packaging plays a role in hygiene. Solid cardboard guarantees safe packaging of all food products - whether fresh, chilled or frozen - in full compliance with HACCP and BRC standards. "The sustainability of the packaging is another appealing aspect, as the packaging is 100% recyclable."

Quality and reliability

The choice of Smart Packaging Solutions was inspired by quality and reliability, making it essentially synonymous with Crownpol's business operations. High-end from A to Z is the term that best describes the company. "For instance, it is a matter of the machines we use or the automation, up to and including the glue we apply to stick labels on our packaging, or the pallets on which our products are delivered. The most important factor in the process are our people. We always ask ourselves - which means all of our employees - whether we believe that the product or service we provide complies with our own requirements. In other words, we ask the question: does this product meet our own wishes? This is supported by all our employees. This way, you can also provide high-end care to your customers. They get the product they want, presented in a way that suits their expectations and at the agreed time. This is similar to our collaboration with Smart Packaging Solutions, because the basis of the collaboration is based on much more than just the product they supply. We have a partnership based on mutual respect and we can count on them to deliver on time, because they respect agreements. This is the essence of our DNA." 

 Curious about the possibilities of solid cardboard for your products? Please contact Gerrit-Jan van den Berg on +48 515 76 04 15 or gj.vandenberg@smartpaso.com.

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